Safety—The time is Now!

Safety features are expected on cars – even required. Now, consumers, advocacy groups, industry…even government are all demanding safety features on boats as well.

MariTech Industries provides the top safety solutions for propeller injury avoidance, falls overboard, accidental engine stars and carbon monoxide poisoning avoidance available today.

All our products are state-of-the art technology designed with you in mind (see About MariTech). No matter which one(s) you chose, you can be confident knowing that your boat is safer than ever before. Today, and always, we wish you safe boating!

Falls Overboard Protection

Wireless Engine Shut Off Systems and Alarms

Virtual Lifeline and CAST are the award winning "wireless engine shut off systems" everyone is talking about and are the only ones available today. This highly acclaimed technology provides everyone falls overboard protection without the hassles caused by old school tethers or proximity devices.

VL and Cast wireless lanyard systems meet or exceed ABYC standards for Emergency Cut-Off Devices (ABYC A-33).


Virtual Lifeline

Virtual Lifeline (VL) (Patented) provides "falls overboard" protection for everyone on board. Each person (pets too!) wears a small, durable, reusable sensor. Upon submersion the sensor immediately activates— sending a signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an alarm and shuts off the motor.

Available in Standard Mount and Helm Mount in multiple configurations we have you covered for whatever your application demands.

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Also available in an alarm only version. This configuration is great for docks and pool side applications.

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CAST “wireless lanyard” IS BACK!

You may remember, we phased out the CAST image to bring consistency in branding for the “recreational” market with the Virtual Lifeline image. Recently, we’ve had numerous requests for systems and/or sensors with the angler image. Using our 5th Anniversary as the platform, it just made sense to bring back this very special look.

Not only are we re-launching CAST, but we’re reducing the price through 2009. Until December 31, 2009 you can purchase CAST at the special price of $299.00 each. After that, the price will return to $399.00 each. We’ve also reactivated the CAST web site, which is being updated on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, or if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to call at your earliest convenience!

Again, thank you for your past support and have a great summer!

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Propeller Injury Avoidance Products



The SwimGuard (Patented) provides 360-degree encasement of the propeller and is primarily for use on non-performance craft.

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SwimGuard Pro

SwimGuard Pro (Patented) is a the model used by professionals in Patrol, Search & Rescue, and other military and para-military environments.

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The PropStopper (Patented) integrates the boat's ignition system with use of the boarding ladder. Its design ensures the boat's engine is off and stays off when the ladder is being used.

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Captain's Mate

Captain’s Mate Safety System is a state-of-the-art technology that will reinforce pre-launch protocol on larger boats such as Yachts, Cabin Cruisers and Houseboats. This system eliminates unexpected engine start-up by ensuring pre-launch protocol is followed.

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ALERT! Nevada Boaters
Nevada has enacted legislation (Senate Bill No. 306 (PDF Link from Nevada's site) prohibiting operation of a boat without wearing a wireless or mechanical engine cut-off switch attached to the vessels operator.Click here (PDF) to see MariTech's flyer for how Nevada boaters can easily comply with this new law AND protect everyone onboard!

USCG Propeller Injury Avoidance

Read what the USCG has to say about propeller injury avoidance in this insightful brochure on where the marine industry is headed (PDF 884K). Link

CO Poisoning Avoidance

Read what the USCG has to say about carbon monoxide poisoning avoidance in these insightful brochures.

USCG CO brochure on CO prevention and avoidance. (PDF 108K) Link

USCG circular on CO. (PDF 624K) Link

Important information everyone needs on the industry focus on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Avoidance. Link

Coast Guard Advisory to Recreational Boaters on Carbon Monoxide Hazard Caused by Generator Exhaust. Link

2006 CASBA Award winner
2005 NMMA Award winner

MariTech Industries has been selected as the winner of the 2006 Canadian Safe Boating Council (CASBC) Award for the Marine Industry, presented January 14, 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

Our Virtual Lifeline/CAST “no strings attached” wireless engine shut off device was also honored with the NMMA 2005 Innovation of the Year Award for Safety.